Special Highlights

Dissertation Defense April 7, 2022, ASU MLFTC, Farmer 146, Tempe, Arizona

Agos Newspaper featured a short story to help raise awareness and recruit teachers to participate in my dissertation research.


Սահմաններ, Ինքնութիւն, եւ Մանկավարժութիւն / Borders, Identity, and Pedagogy – an exhibition featuring some data from my dissertation research hosted in Yerevan, Armenia 20/4/2020.

Bright Garden Voices Dialogue Event #3: “Us & Them”
I joined the third meeting of the Bright Garden Voices Dialogue as a guest speaker which was titled “Us & Them” with Nazrin Gadimova-Akbulut. The event focused on the Armenian and Azerbaijani national identity and how Azerbaijanis and Armenians often carry various preconceptions and stereotypes of each other. Having gone decades without contact, the new generations of Azerbaijanis and Armenians know very little about the other’s sense of national identity. We focused on the main pillars that constitute the identities of both peoples, and how these identities are constructed and reconstructed.

Watch and listen to the talk on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bewzqrfdbg&feature=youtu.be

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6du32k6r07uIA1FZfoXQw2?si=i1Ov4CdLTV6-toWcavjD6A
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Garine Palandjian, PhD in Educational Policy and Evaluation