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Manuscripts in progress

González-Doğan, S. & Palandjian, G. (Under Review). “When the state becomes a monster: Turkish cultural centers, post-coup identity formation, and new definitions of home.

Palandjian, G. (in progress). Trouble in the borderlands of Armenia and Turkey: Sympoiesis as a theoretical and research methodology.

Palandjian, G. (in progress). From fieldwork interruption to curating a data exhibition during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Book Chapters

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Policy reports

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Research Brief was funded by a grant from the United States Department of State. 


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Blog posts

Palandjian, G. (September 30, 2020). Crossing borders through teachers’ memories and identities. Harvard Graduate School of Education REACH.

Palandjian, G. (2019-2020). Rethinking borders and identities in Armenian education. Dissertation Blog: Critical Ethnography Armenian Education,

Editorial Experience 

Served as a Copyeditor for the following publication: Turan, O., Sahakyan, E. N. Mkrtchyan, L., Gulu, F. Gasparyan, K. Erdinc, Y., and Caykent, O. (2019). Alternative history education modules for Armenia and Turkey. History Foundation (Tarih Vakfi) and Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation, Istanbul and Yerevan.


Palandjian, G. (2020, Sept. 28) Borders, Identity, and Pedagogy. [Exhibition] Tempe, Arizona, USA 

Palandjian, G. (2020, Sept. 28- Oct. 9) Borders, Identity, and Pedagogy [Exhibition]. Arizona State University Galleries, Harry Wood Gallery, Tempe, Arizona, USA.

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